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Top 20 Fave Drinks in East Idaho

Best Mixed Sodas in East Idaho

East Idaho has no shortage of soda shops, and this list helps prove that point. These are some of the local favorites that everyone should get a taste of.

Soda Barn (Pocatello)

1. Ricky Bobby

Known for naming their mocktails after famous characters and people, the Soda Barn in Pocatello is the place to go. Looking for a tropical mocktail to get you through the day? The Ricky Bobby can do the trick. Soda Barn adds pineapple, raspberry, and strawberry syrup to Mountain Dew for the perfect mix of sweet and tangy.

The Drink Factory (Idaho Falls, Blackfoot)

2. Suga Mama

The Drink Factory has locations in Ammon/Idaho Falls and Blackfoot and tons of flavors to choose from. The Suga Mama is a popular choice with raspberry, peach, and strawberry syrups all added to Mountain Dew. You can get this one sugar-free and diet too!

Sodatopia (Idaho Falls)

3. Strawberry Fields

Are you a fan of red cream soda? Then this is the perfect drink for you. Sodatopia adds strawberry syrup and vanilla cream to red cream soda for a delicious strawberry cream delight.

The Drink Factory (Idaho Falls, Blackfoot)

4. White Trash

Another Drink Factory fave, the White Trash is a lot better than it sounds. They add peach syrup and coconut cream to Mountain Dew for a perfect tropical pair up. Go try it for yourself!

Soda Vine (Rexburg)

5. Freight Train

Where my Dr. Pepper lovers at? This one’s for you! Pineapple, vanilla, and cream mixed with Dr. Pepper might seem unorthodox at first, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it from Soda Vine!

Pick Me Up (Ammon)

6. Coke Posh

Do you prefer more classic mocktails? Then try the Coke Posh from Pick Me Up in Ammon. They add some fresh lime and coconut syrup to Coca Cola for the perfect classic blend. 

Dutch Bros (Idaho Falls, Twin Falls)

7. Coral Reef Soda

While Dutch Brothers is technically a coffee shop, they have so many other drink offerings that anyone can enjoy. One of those being their Coral Reef Dutch Soda. Similar to an Italian soda, this drink includes club soda with orange, vanilla, and blue raspberry syrups. You can get this sweet drink blended like a slushie, paired up with an energy drink, or just enjoy it as is.

The Drink Factory (Idaho Falls, Blackfoot)

8. Bombshell

If you’re a fan of huckleberry and soda, you’ve got to try this mocktail from The Drink Factory. Mountain Dew with cream and huckleberry and vanilla syrup. Don’t want the caffeine? Try it with 7 UP or Sprite!

Sodatopia (Idaho Falls)

9. Brown-eyed Girl

Do you love butterscotch? How about root beer? Then get the Brown-eyed Girl from Sodatopia in Idaho Falls! They add butterscotch syrup and vanilla cream to root beer and top it all off with a butterscotch candy for you to enjoy.

Looking for a new soda shop to try? Check out these top 11 soda shops in East Idaho!

Best Cafe Drinks in East Idaho

If you need a caffeinated pick-me-up, East Idaho has some of the best coffee shops around. And you may even find a cafe gem in the most unlikely of places.

La Vanilla Bean (Idaho Falls)

10. Mocha

La Vanilla Bean is an adorable little French bakery and coffee shop downtown Idaho Falls. While their focus is on their delicious pastries, they make a mean mocha. They also have tons of syrups and flavors to spice your mocha up just the way you like it.

Sodatopia (Idaho Falls)

11. Chai Tea

While they don’t advertise it often, Sodatopia has one of the best Chai Teas around, according to Idaho Falls locals. So the next time you’re looking for a great Chai, forget the cafe and check out this soda shop!

Double Shot (Pocatello)

12. Blended Kona Mocha Big Train

Add Kona Mocha to your Big Train from Double Shot in Pocatello, and get it blended! This is a favorite recommended from residents of Pocatello. Double Shot is the perfect little drive-through coffee shop to stop by on your way to work or as you’re enjoying a day out.

Kiwi Loco (Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Pocatell, Twin Falls)

13. Honey Green Tea Boba Tea

Of all the places to get a delicious boba (or bubble) tea, Kiwi Loco–a popular frozen yogurt establishment–is one of the best. They have several different flavors available, but Honey Green Tea is a local favorite. Try it out the next time you go for froyo!

Java Espress (Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Pocatell, Burley, Twin Falls)

14. Mocha

Java Espress has several locations across East Idaho, but their Broadway location in Idaho Falls serves up the best Mocha, according to our sources. Get a classic mocha or try one of their many mocha variations, like Cranberry White Chocolate, Almond Fudge, or the Rollo Mocha.

Dutch Bros (Idaho Falls, Twin Falls)

15. Creme de Menthe Cocoa

In East Idaho we do love our hot cocoa, and Dutch Bros serves some of the best around. Ask for the Creme de Menthe cocoa with whipped cream. It blends chocolate and mint, and it is a creamy and delicious perfection for a cool day.

Best Adult Beverages in East Idaho

Looking to mix it up at your favorite bar or restaurant? Try some of these local favorites the next time you’re out on the town.

Pockets (Idaho Falls)

16. Cranberry Vodka

Pockets, Inc., a local pool hall and bar in Idaho Falls, serves up a great Cranberry Vodka. They keep this classic simple by pouring cranberry juice over your favorite vodka on ice. Check them out the next time you want a drink.

Samoa Club (Idaho Falls)

17. Pink Goose

Samoa Club in Idaho Falls adored for their fun atmosphere and great drinks. One favorite is the Pink Goose. The Pink Goose is part watermelon picker and part Grey Goose vodka shaken with ice, and then poured in a shot glass.

Smokin Fins (Idaho Falls)

18. Fins’ Bloody Mary

If you’re looking for a great drink with an awesome seafood meal, then Smokin Fins is where you need to go. Their Bloody Mary includes Absolut Peppar, a housemade Bloody Mary mix, Tajin-salted rim, cocktail shrimp, and blue cheese-stuffed olives. Make it a double by adding crab legs to the mix!

Smokin Fins (Idaho Falls)

19. Strawberry Blonde

Another Smokin Fins favorite is the Strawberry Blonde. This fruity delight mixes strawberry puree and lemonade with Three Olives Vodka. Pair it with your favorite seafood dish and you’ll have a meal that you won’t soon forget.

The SandPiper (Idaho Falls, Pocatello)

20. Big Orange

The Sandpiper in Pocatello is not only a fantastic restaurant, but they serve some of the best cocktails around. The next time you’re in the area, you need to try the Big Orange. They mix gin, tequila, and apricot brandy with orange juice, Sprite, grenadine and sour. Because this drink is so popular, they regularly offer specials on it.

What's your favorite drink?

Are we missing any awesome drinks or local gems? Reach out to East Idaho Gems today to submit your ideas!

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