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Top 11 Soda Shops in Eastern Idaho

Within the last decade, soda shops have become more popular and have drawn in new business. This is especially true in eastern Idaho. From Pocatello to Rexburg there are more than ten places to get custom, flavored sodas and snacks. Check out one of these stores if you are interested in trying fun new soda flavors!

Soda Vine

Soda Vine, playing off of “So Divine,” is a soda shop in Rexburg, Idaho. Their store is a hot spot for many dates and after-school hangouts. Soda Vine is located just down the street from Porter Park, so you’ll see many people walking around the park carrying a cup with the signature “Soda Vine” sticker and a line of cars waiting to go through the drive-thru. There’s plenty of space inside the store if you want a place to chat with your date or meet up with friends. The inside is adorably vintage, with tiffany blue walls, checkered floors, and red and black chairs. Even the names of their sodas are retro!

The Soda Vine menu is simple to understand. If you want to make your own drink, you pick a size, choose a soda, and choose which flavors you want to add. You can get unlimited flavors for just fifty cents! You can also add purees, cream, and fruit! If you don’t want to mix a drink of your own, you can choose the concoctions they’ve already made, like “Rockin’ Robyn,” “Chantilly Lace,” or “Audrey Hepburn.” Each drink has different soda bases and flavors—if you are a fan of Dr. Pepper, I’d recommend the “Freight Train.” Besides soda, they also sell frosted lemonades, cookies, rice krispie treats, pretzels, popcorn, and Italian sodas. With so many options, there’s something for everyone! Follow Soda Vine on Facebook for updates and posts to boost your day!

Great Scott's

There are two Great Scott’s locations in Rexburg and both are more than just soda shops...they are also gas stations. If you need gas, snacks, or a drink, Great Scott’s is your place!

They serve the Redneck Sup and Redneck Moonshine. The Sup is soda, cream, and flavorings, while the moonshine is made with an energy drink instead of soda. They have mixed combinations for you to choose from, or you can make your own. One of their locations, the one on 2nd West, has a drive-thru, making your stop for a soda fix even faster.

With Rexburg being full of constantly exhausted college and high school students, Great Scott’s moonshine drinks are particularly popular because of the energy drink base. Some names of their drinks include “Kickin’ Chicken,” “Redneck Barbie,” and the “Rusty Nail.” If you need an energy boost or a delicious drink, check out Great Scott’s in Rexburg and follow them on Facebook for deals and posts behind the scenes!

BarberPop Shop

BarberPop Shop is the newest pop shop on the block in Rexburg, Idaho. Located in Hemming Village, this store doubles as a barber and a soda shop! The idea is unique, but the final product was executed exquisitely. The store is split into two, one side being the barber stations and the other being the soda shop. The soda shop side has tables and chairs where people can enjoy their sodas.

While most soda shops have a theme, this one is no exception. The BarberPop Shop is decorated with wood, brick, and industrial-style pieces, giving off a late 1800s, mountain man, masculine vibe. The drinks on the menu have a country charm to them as well. Some of the names include, “The Gold Buckle,” “Smooth Operator,” and “The Sundance Kid.”

Similar to Great Scott’s, the BarberPop Shop also has a menu for soda-based drinks and one for energy drinks. They use Monster and Red Bull for their energy drink bases. The soda menu uses Sprite, Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Root Beer. If you are looking for a drink and a neat experience, try the BarberPop Shop. Follow them on Facebook for more information on their drinks and hair transformations!

Royal Soda

At Royal Soda in Rexburg, Idaho, they believe that “if you’re going to drink a soda, then it should be elevated to a royal state.” This belief is where they came up with their name and mission—to improve their distinctive tastes, blends, and mixes each day. Royal Soda is located just off 2nd East on 252 E. 4th N., in a remodeled shipping container. Their “building” is unique and hard to miss with its bright blue paint job. You can go inside to order, or they have a drive-thru.

Royal Soda has over forty pre-mixed drinks, though, with their customization option, there are more than 1000 possible combinations. They also serve classic, mini sugar cookies to pair with their sodas as a side item. Following their royal theme, the drinks have unique names like, “Citrus Princess,” “The Crown Jewel,” and the “Caribbean Queen.” They use 7-Up, Coke & Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew as their soda bases for their pre-mixed drinks, though they also have Pepsi, Root Beer, lemonade, and sparkling water for customers to use when they make their own. Customers can choose between four different cup sizes, from 12 to 44 oz.

Follow Royal Soda on Facebook to learn more about their drinks and activities behind the scenes.

The Fizz Bizz

The Fizz Bizz has two locations, which is good news for our friends in Rigby and Idaho Falls because it’s delicious! If BarberPop Shop was on the masculine side, these stores are definitely leaning toward the feminine side, with bright pink and blue walls and menu. The interiors for both locations are very similar, with a fun, welcoming entrance and a large menu that’s easy to see. Both locations also have drive-thrus.

The sizes for drinks range from 12-44oz, except for hot drinks like hot chocolate, a vanilla steamer, or a vanilla cappuccino which only comes in 12-16 oz cups. The Fizz Bizz has some premixed drinks like “The Pom Pom,” “Summer Slurp,” and the “Orange Dream Machine.” They use both Coke and Pepsi products for their soda bases. You can make a soda “jacked” by adding Rockstar, Monster, or Red Bull energy drinks. They even have some sugar free syrups for their drinks like strawberry, red raspberry, coconut, vanilla, huckleberry, and peach! Besides flavored sodas, The Fizz Bizz also sells popcorn, muffins, cookies, Italian sodas, gelatis, and custard.

Pick Me Up

Are you in need of a pick me up? When it’s been a long day, a cold soda can be just what you need. Pick Me Up is a soda shop in Rigby, Ammon, Idaho Falls, and Shelley, Idaho. When a store is in four locations, you know it must be delicious. Each of these locations is a little bit different, but the drinks are always the same.

Pick me up has five sizes, from 16 to 44oz and a kid-size drink at 9oz. They encourage you to create your own drink, but they do have twelve different favorites you can choose from. Some of the favorites are “Booster,” “Swank,” and “Uptown.” Booster is made with Mountain Dew and a flavor shot of raspberry and mango. Swank has a Sprite base with coconut, pineapple, and peach added in. Uptown is Coke or Pepsi with coconut. You can also choose diet versions for most of their base sodas. They also sell cookies and hot chocolate.

If you are in any of the four areas that have a Pick Me Up, be sure to check it out!

Soda Tsunami

Idaho Falls is also home to the Soda Tsunami. If you are in need of a refreshing soda or smoothie, Soda Tsunami is a great place to go. Their arcade-style games, blue-clad floor, and soda cap bar stools invite customers to enjoy their time in Soda Tsunami. Though, if you don’t have time to go in and play a few games, you can always use their drive-thru to get your soda fix.

Soda Tsunami serves three size drink options, from 16oz to 32oz. They use similar, popular soda bases for most of their creations, though if you create your own, there are some unique sodas you can try. For example, they have IronPort, Squirt, Red Cream Soda, and Berry Blast Powerade included on their soda menu. They have flavors and add-ins like cream, puree, or an energy shot customers can add to their creation, but they also have a list of favorites on their menu. “Coconut Wave,” “Citrus Tsunami,” and “Volcano” are some of the pre-mixed creations you can order.

While you sip your soda, consider ordering one of the extra items on Soda Tsunami’s menu, like a personal pizza, ice cream, cookie, or edible cookie dough. They also serve other drinks like smoothies, milkshakes, and candy drinks, which is soda with a candy like gummy sharks, peach rings, or sour patch watermelons. If you are looking for a fun place to hang out to snack and drink delicious soda, head over to Soda Tsunami. Follow Soda Tsunami on Facebook for the latest scoop on featured cookie and dough flavors.

JB's Soda Barn

In Idaho Falls, JB’s Soda Barn is a quick-stop-shop for soda lovers. Their small location may not seem like much, but they are known for fast and excellent customer service...along with yummy drinks. They carry five drink sizes, from 8 to 44oz. They don’t give their favorite drink combinations names like some of the other soda shops, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty. They use Coke and Pepsi products to please every customer, and they use energy drinks (though they cost a bit extra).

Customers can ask for a keto option too, which is made using a sugar-free syrup. Some of their flavored syrup flavors include blood orange, toasted marshmallow, pina colada and gingerbread. While some of their syrups might seem odd for a soda, they would pair excellently with one of their hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, cider, or a vanilla cappuccino.

JB’s Soda Barn also features a cookie of the month. In the past they’ve done cookies such as Andes Mint brownie, peanut butter with chocolate frosting, lemon with raspberry frosting, and more! While their specialty cookies change, they always serve chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Come try one of their specialty drinks and cookies today and follow them on Facebook for the latest JB Soda Barn news!


This newly painted, bright blue mini barn is hard to miss. Sodatopia in Idaho Falls is, in their words, “the utopia of gourmet flavor infused fountain drinks.” They serve sodas, lemonade, hot cocoa, and spiced ciders. Whether you fill a 12oz or a 44oz cup with their flavor creations, you are bound to enjoy it. Their list of soda and flavor combinations are named after songs like, “Purple Rain,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and “Kokomo.” If you are a soda fan, there’s something for you. Or, you can always create your own concoction.

Besides soda, Sodatopia also sells frosted sugar cookies and a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and movie-theater style popcorn. That way you can pair a salty or sweet treat with your drink! If you come on a Wednesday, you can also purchase Mexican corn in a cup, or on Fridays they serve donuts in the mornings and tamales in the afternoon! Whether you order through the walk-up or the drive-thru, the staff at Sodatopia is there to help you and make sure you are satisfied with your experience. Stop by the blue barn of Sodatopia today to try out a drink that might just make you sing! If you don’t want to miss out on one of their special deals, follow Sodatopia on Facebook.

The Soda Barn

Designed and built to resemble a real farm barn, the Soda Barn in Pocatello is not only adorable, it’s delicious. The drinks, cookies, and cookie dough they serve are loved by many customers who frequent their two locations. Not only is everything on the menu delicious, but it’s also affordable. They offer five combo deals that make enjoying soda and a cookie or cookie dough well worth the price. For example, one combo they offer is a date night combo, which is two favorite drinks and a cookie. How much you pay depends on what size drinks you choose. There are also solo deals, meaning you don’t have to share, and there are deals for kid’s size drinks with cookies or cookie dough.

Some of the favorite drinks the Soda Barn serves are “The Idahoan,” the “Nightsheter,” and the “Yahtzee.” Along with the drinks, they serve cookies in flavors such as classic sugar, cookies and cream, and chocolate chip. Their dough also comes in a chocolate chip cookie flavor, chocolate, peanut butter love, and more.

The Soda Barn promotes a cookie, drink, and dough of the month to keep its customers excited about new creations. For May, the cookies of the month were chilled carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and a warm triple chocolate chip cookie. The drink was called “The Carol Baskin,” based on the Netflix Original Series, “The Tiger King.” The drink is a Mountain Dew base with strawberry, passion fruit, and peach. The monthly cookie dough is oatmeal.

Head to the Soda Barns in Pocatello to try their monthly flavors or to test some of their favorite drink combinations. Follow them on Facebook for updates on the latest flavor creations!

The Drink Factory

Located in Ammon, Idaho Falls, and Blackfoot, the Drink Factory is a favorite for soda and coffee lovers alike!

If you are going through the drive-thru for a quick drink to tide you over for the day, you might choose one of their specialty sodas like “Killer Bee,” “Crazy Ex,” or “Not U It’s Me.” If you want to build your own, they have options for that too. They use soda bases like Coke, Mountain Dew, 7Up, Dr. Pepper, and diet sodas as well. You can choose between three sizes, from 24 oz to 44 oz. However, they also have some drinks for “kiddos” which come in a 12 oz cup.

If you’re stopping by for a cup of joe, you can get it flavored with salted caramel, hazelnut, English toffee, coconut, and more! Coffees come in sizes ranging from 16 oz to 24 oz.

Besides coffee and soda, The Drink Factory also sells cookies, popcorn, muffins, smoothies, and homemade bread. They feature a cookie of the month like other stores. In May, their featured cookie was an orange sugar cookie with orange cream cheese frosting—the “Dreamsicle.”

If you are in the Idaho Falls, Ammon, or Blackfoot area and are in need of tasty treats and drinks, head on over to the Drink Factory! For more information on their locations, drinks, cookies, or just for fun, lighthearted posts, follow them on Facebook.

If you’re craving a specialty soda, head over to any one of these tasty and unique soda shops for your fix. Grab a cookie, some popcorn or another snack while you are at it. What’s your favorite soda shop and flavor combination?

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