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Abracadabra’s Idaho Falls: Creating Magic in the Community

The economical repercussions of COVID-19 are yet to be seen, but if they are anything like toilet paper shortages during March 2020, we’re in for a surprise. As people first started quarantine and following stay-home orders, certain items from store-shelves quickly started disappearing. Items like toilet paper, bleach, canned foods, pasta, pasta sauce, and beef were among the first to go. The missing items fueled the flames of the already lit panic that many people were experiencing as news of COVID-19 only got worse.

A New “Store”

Throughout the uncertainty, one business stayed strong and ahead of the game. As if by magic, Abracadabra’s in Idaho Falls, Idaho, could sense how bad things were going to get, especially for small businesses and restaurants. Abracadabra’s began ordering bulk food from their suppliers to sell to members of the community who weren’t able to find items they needed at the local grocery stores. Though they had made their dining room acceptable for social-distancing in early March, it wasn’t long before restaurants had to start closing their doors to dine-in customers. By selling products to the community, Abracadabra’s has been able to combat some of the loss of business.

At first, unsure if people would support the idea, Abracadabra’s posted the thought of selling products from their store to their Facebook page. The response Abracadabra’s received on their post was astounding. With 100 shares and 269 comments of people looking for rice, flour, cheese, sugar, and more, Abracadabra’s knew their plans of selling bulk food would be a success.

Supporting the Community & Keeping them Safe

Abracadabra’s was open for customers to view their inventory, but customers could also send in their orders to prepay for items they knew were going to go fast--which many did. As requests for food grew, they had to begin limiting the number of “shoppers” to five in the restaurant to keep the social distancing code of fewer than ten-person gatherings. Once they reached the five-shopper limit, they had customers write their names and numbers on a list so they could wait in their vehicles until they were called in. This approach helped keep customers safe while still providing them with what they needed.

With the traffic in and out of the restaurant, Abracadabra’s also set up a donation box where people could leave food to donate to group shelters, assisted living groups, and other places where people would benefit from extra food. Throughout the entire COVID-19 ordeal, Abracadabra’s main concern has been to keep people safe and cared for.

Staying Positive

Abracadabra’s has been doing so much to help its customers have a place to get the things they need and to help give its employees work to do. One employee, Josh, has been featured trimming and cutting meat on the Abracadabra’s Idaho Falls Facebook page. Abracadabra’s has been selling high-quality meats at their “store” and these videos help customers understand the best way to cut and trim them.

Besides showcasing the food they have for sale and how to use it, Abracadabra’s has also featured the talents of its employees. Jade Swain, for example, clocked in to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that was auctioned off for $75, with 2% of the proceeds going to Abracadabra’s.

Back on the Menu

Towards the end of April, Abracadabra’s Idaho Falls began a curbside-pick-up menu so their customers could once again enjoy the food that makes Abracadabra’s so wonderful. Customer’s posted comments raving about the biscuits and gravy that would be available again, along with two types of French Toast. However, there were also comments grieving pick-up options that weren’t available, like the breakfast nachos and Basque Eggs Benedict. It’s clear that everyone is ready for Abracadabra’s to be cooking their magical food in full steam… which seems to be just around the corner.

Besides breakfast orders, Abracadabra’s also started a family dinner deal that feeds six adults for an affordable price--plus the food is delicious. Some of their dinner deals have included chicken fettuccine alfredo with garlic bread, chicken parmesan over spaghetti with garlic bread, and a loaded baked potato with a 6 oz, Kobe Wagyu Gold steak! These family dinner deals help people who have been busy with working from home and/or home-schooling and who don’t want to worry about cooking dinner. Plus, those supporting Abracadabra’s by purchasing one of the family-dinner deals are helping to stimulate the economy.

Support Abracadabra’s

Throughout the stay-home order and quarantine, Abracadabra’s Idaho Falls has been working hard to stay in business. They’ve managed to support and provide for the community while we are in need. Show them your support by purchasing a family meal, ordering for pick up, or making them one of your first breakfast and lunch dining spots when quarantine ends.

If you are not familiar with Abracadabra’s you will definitely want to visit when the COVID restrictions are lifted. Abracadabra’s unites breakfast and bistro and the restauranteurs claim it’s “where the food is magic”... and they might just be right! Their take on French toast is unique compared to many of its competitors. Instead of sliced bread diagonally cut in half, Abracadabra’s uses actual French bread--which is about a foot long! Plus, they serve mini waffles instead of toast as a side to their breakfast, because who wouldn’t rather have waffles instead of toast? Especially when accompanied by buttermilk syrup!

It’s not surprising that a company with that much creativity came up with such creative ways to deal with the economic shut down of COVID-19.

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