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5 Awesome Local Restaurants For Take-Out/Delivery in Idaho Falls

If you can’t decide between a night in or a night out, have both by ordering take-out or getting one of your favorite meals delivered to you. Ordering out may not be feasible for every night, but occasionally ordering out is a treat everyone deserves. Enjoying a meal from your favorite restaurant is a great way to support local businesses and stimulate the economy...while satisfying your appetite. If you are in the Idaho Falls area, try one of these delicious restaurants for your next take-out or delivered meal.

Scotty's Drive-In

Nothing says old-school quite like Scotty’s Drive-In. The gumball machine, red vinyl seats, Pepsi board menu, and the neon lights at night tempt passersby to stop in for a retro meal and experience. It’s especially hard to pass up during one of their classic car shows.

Scotty’s Drive-In has a seating area inside, but you can drive up and order and eat from your car as well. They also offer pick-up or delivery through GrubHub. If you are craving the Great Scott, Super Scott, Bacon Scott, or another one of their delicious burgers or sandwiches, get one to go! Each “Scott” burger is a little different, but each one features extra lean, choice beef, thousand island dressing, and fixings.

If you want an extra treat, be sure to check out their side orders and shake flavors. Their sides are good enough to order on their own. They include fries, tater tots, cheese curds, jalapeno poppers, and buttered mushrooms. If it’s a vegetable, it must be healthy, right? As for their shakes… well, there are so many of them, you’ll have to come back again and again just to try a new flavor every time. You can’t go wrong with classics like strawberry or oreo cookie, but there are also flavors like marshmallow, Heath, Kit Kat, and plenty more! No order is complete without a delicious shake or malt!

To see more of Scotty’s Drive-in, find them on Facebook!

Papa Tom’s Pizza

With house-made dough and sauces, you truly can’t get a Papa Tom’s Pizza anywhere else than in Idaho Falls. Pizza is a classic delivery or take-out meal and for good reason. It’s an easy meal to eat anywhere. You don’t need utensils or even a plate--though napkins are encouraged. Plus, pizzas are easily customizable so you can get something everyone will like, even for those who are gluten-free.

Customers of Papa Tom’s can choose between an extra-large, large, medium, or individual-sized pizza. They have specialty pizzas listed on their menu, or you can choose your own toppings. Some of their specialty pizzas are the three cheese, Tim’s buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and vegetable delight. If you decide to choose your own toppings, you might be surprised by some of their options, like linguica, shrimp, and smoked oysters.

If you aren’t in the mood for a pizza, Papa Tom’s also serves specialty sandwiches or wings. It may be tough to decide which sandwich you want, though. They have roast beef sandwiches, Philly cheesesteak, BLT, and even a sandwich with crab! The wings they serve are fat-free, meaning they are not fried, and come with celery and ranch or blue cheese. You can decide between hot or BBQ wings.

Although Papa’s Tom Pizza is open for dine-in, you can still order take-out or have your pizzas delivered. No matter where you eat it, Papa Tom’s is delicious! Follow them on Facebook for updates and drool-worthy photos!

A Street Soup Market

If you are looking for a trendy and healthy lunch that you can pick up and eat at work, home, or on the go, check out A Street Soup Market. Located on A Street of historical downtown Idaho Falls, this restaurant is a great place to stop and pick up a meal. A Street Soup Market makes everything in-house. Their artisan bread is baked daily, the sauces and dressings are made from scratch, the meats are seasoned, roasted, and sliced in the store, and the homemade soups are made with precisely picked ingredients.

A Street Soup Market serves soups and sandwiches with their artisan loaves of bread like focaccia, sourdough, whole wheat, and caramelized onion. They also serve salads and avocado toast. The sandwiches menu has a chipotle chicken salad, herb-roasted turkey and brie, house-roasted beef, black forest ham, tuna salad, and house-roasted turkey. They serve a cobb salad, as well as a tequila lime shrimp and caesar salad. To order a bowl of soup, you’ll want to contact the restaurant for a list of their daily selections. In the past, some of their soups have been a chicken coconut curry, Hungarian mushroom, tomato basil, lemon chicken asparagus, clam chowder, and spiced lentil.

Everything at A Street Soup Market is designed to be healthy and beautiful. On a rainy day, how can you resist ordering a soup to-go? Or ordering a refreshing salad or sandwich when the weather begs you to enjoy the greenbelt? If you are ready for a fresh and tasty meal, call in and order a meal to-go. Follow A Street Soup Market on Facebook for updates on specials!


Morenita’s is a favorite among Idaho Falls locals and visitors alike. Known for their affordable prices and deliciously authentic food, you can’t go wrong with anything on the Morenita’s menu. Morenita’s is a family-owned restaurant and they do their best to make each customer feel like family. They do this by accommodating the needs of each customer so their meal is amazing.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that Morenita’s is a popular choice for take-out orders. Their menu is bursting with classic Mexican food that will satisfy your appetite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Meals like burritos, tacos, tortas, plates of enchiladas and tamales, are just a few of the dishes served at Morenita’s. They also have a variety of meat options such as steak, shredded beef, beef cheek, beef tongue, grilled chicken, pork roast, sauteed pork, pork stomach, and grilled tilapia, so your meal is made just how you want it.

If you want to enjoy your meal at home, or anywhere else, you can order your meal as a pick-up order. While you may have to wait for your food, it’s well worth the wait. The popularity of this restaurant speaks for itself. Be sure to check out some of their candies as well! Follow Morenita’s on Facebook for restaurant updates.

North Hi-Way Cafe

Are you craving a home-cooked meal but don’t want to do the cooking yourself? North Hi-Way Cafe prides itself on its tasty, homestyle meals and affordable prices. You can call in and order your meal for take-out or delivery and enjoy a homestyle meal from your home!

Customers of North Hi-Way Cafe can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as their menu serves a variety of meals. For breakfast, you might order their Hi-Way Hash, pancakes, breakfast sandwich, or an omelet. Though they are not exclusively for lunch, the sandwich, burger, salad, or soup menus would make a delicious midday meal. Their dinner menu includes steaks, chicken strips, pork chops, and even jumbo shrimp, all served with a soup or salad, choice of potato, roll, and a complimentary dessert. The dessert you choose as part of your dinner might be a sundae, banana split, a shake, or a slice of pie.

North Hi-Way Cafe is an excellent choice for customers who are craving a bit of home and comfort. Call in for pick up or delivery today and follow them on Facebook for updates and behind the scenes information!

Idaho Falls is home to many delicious restaurants and these five are no exception. Support local businesses by ordering meals to go and enjoying a night free of cooking and doing dishes!

Hannah Anderson

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