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The Rexburg Farmers Market: Supporting Local Growers, Artisans, & More

On Friday nights in Rexburg, you can expect to see members of the community bustling about the Madison County fairgrounds buying and browsing wares from the Rexburg Farmers Market vendors.

Supporting local a business, artisan, or farmer is a very rewarding experience for both parties. At the Rexburg Farmer Market, you can support all those people and more. Each year from May to October, depending on the weather and other circumstances, the Rexburg Farmers Market takes to the outdoors and vendors begin selling their products.

Each year there are new booths and veteran vendors, but the experience is always exciting. Walking through the alley of eclectic booths with amazing scents wafting from the food vendors is a fun way to spend a summer night. While you don’t have to buy anything to attend the farmers market, it might be difficult to resist the fresh produce, handmade crafts, and delicious baked goods.

New Location

This year has been an odd one for the Rexburg Farmers Market. First, they had to push back their opening day to meet the standards of COVID-19. Then, once their date was set, they quickly had to find a new location that would be large enough to accommodate all the vendors they have this year. Instead of meeting on College Ave. near Brigham Young University-Idaho like they usually do, they are now meeting at the Madison County Fairgrounds, near Nature Park.

The new location provides room for more vendors than the farmers market has had in the past. With the Rexburg Farmer’s Market growing, locals can expect the market to keep adding new vendors each year. The fairgrounds have plenty of room for future growth. Even with an odd start to the year, the Rexburg Farmers Market is excited for the remainder of the season and support they have from the community.


As a requirement, vendors at the Rexburg Farmers Market make their own crafts, grow their own products, or prepare their own food. Everything you’ll find at the farmers market is handmade and original. You will be supporting artists, bakers, cooks, farmers, gardeners, and more by purchasing products from the farmers market.

If you’ve been going to the farmers market for years, you may be familiar with some of the vendors. However, this year, you might see some stands you don’t recognize. There may be some new food options in the food truck alley, or maybe a new produce or artisan stand.


From “Food Truck Alley” you can expect some tasty diversity. From corndogs to coconut rice and mango, to Mexican corn, and ice cream, the Rexburg Farmers Market has it all. If you leave the market hungry, it’s your own fault.

  • Big Papas Fries
  • Cabin Kitchen
  • Coco Mango
  • Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor
  • Idaho Soft Serve
  • Jen’s Kettle Corn
  • La Mexicana
  • Mexican Crazy Corn
  • Snofari
  • Twila’s Gourmet Fudge
  • World’s Best Corndogs


If you want to bring something home to enjoy, stop by one of these bakery vendors for a sweet treat. These stands have bread, cookies, jam, and more for you to bring home and enjoy with your whole family. They also make excellent gifts!

  • Bittersweet Baker
  • Jam Session
  • Siedow Sweets
  • The Banana Tree Bakery

Produce and Meat

Farmers work hard to produce fruit and vegetables for your table. While you can get your produce from the section at the grocery store, buying from these farmers will put the money directly into the hands that grew the goods. Plus, you get some farm to table food.

  • Black Bear Family Farms
  • Blackfoot Gardens LLC
  • Dandelion Downs
  • Food Dudes
  • Grove City Gardens
  • Mr. B’s Botanical Plantery and Oddity Menagerie LLC
  • Roots and Grow Farm LLC
  • Sprouted Wheat
  • Wild Cat Farm
  • Crowfoot J Meats

Artisans/Apparel/Body Goods

Farmers’ markets are a fun place to discover artists and boutiques in your area. At the Rexburg Farmers market, you’ll find different vendors selling soaps, lotions, clothing, and art for you to enjoy.

  • Happy and Hazel
  • Little Miss Bowtique
  • Mino’aka Creations
  • Paints and Petals
  • Pink Elephant Creation
  • Pur&Na
  • StevieCole Designs
  • Travis Clarke Crafts
  • Zonts Designs

Business Booths

Some businesses like to attend the farmers market to get the word out about their business and participate in community events. Some of the businesses you’ll see at the Rexburg Farmers Market are:

  • Family Crisis Center
  • Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic
  • Idaho Central Credit Union

For those who do direct sales and represent a company, there is a special community market in August where they can sell their goods.

Each vendor at the Rexburg Farmers Market signs up before the season starts to be there and sell their wares. If you want to become a vendor for the 2021 season, you can email the Rexburg Farmers Market board of directors.

There is a fee to have a vendor booth at the Rexburg Farmers Market, for both the season or if you are a walk-on vendor. Walk-on vendors are only allowed if there is room.

When to Enjoy the Market

The best part of the farmers market is that if you don’t have the chance to try a food stand or purchase something from a vendor one week, you can stop by the following week. The Rexburg Farmers Market will be at the Madison County Fairgrounds each Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., rain or shine. Though you should check the forecast before going, you might need to pack an umbrella or sunscreen.


Visit the Rexburg Farmers Market

If you are in the Rexburg or eastern Idaho area, complete your summer by attending the Rexburg farmers market. Participating in a local, community event and supporting people who work hard to make, grow, and sell their products will give you a feeling of fulfillment. Plus, you’ll likely go home with handmade soaps and lotions, some delicious baked goods, and fresh produce. If you can’t make it to one of the markets, visit the Rexburg Farmers Market website to purchase some of the vendor’s goods online.

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