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8 Local Hot-Spots in Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello is a bustling, little city beloved by its locals. With so many activities available to them, like swimming, reading, hiking, biking, and more, it’s no wonder that they love it! If you are a local or are visiting Pocatello, be sure to check out these eight spots this summer.

Please note that some of these activities and attractions may be closed or have limitations in place due to COVID-19. Please respect the guidelines of each business and community.

Marshall Public Library

The Marshall Public Library is a great place to hang out for kids, teens, and adults of every age. The large building offers books, research resources, and computer use for all those with a library card. Only two items are needed to obtain a library card: a picture ID and proof that you are a Pocatello resident, like a cell phone bill or lease agreement.

The library also hosts events like storytime, nifty knitting, book group, lego club, STEAM activities, and more. STEAM activities focus on science, technology, engineering, and math to show kids how these education clusters can teach them to be innovative and have fun outside of a school classroom. Some of these activities are part of the teen or children’s library program, while others are for adults or the community.

The Marshall Public Library is more than just a place to read, it’s a place for friends and the community to gather together and learn. Whether people are participating in a group activity or enjoying a book they just checked out, the library is a place to learn. If you have some free time, spend it at the Marshall Public Library!


There are two malls in the Pocatello-Chubbuck area, the Westwood and Pine Ridge Malls. Both malls feature different retailers and restaurants.

One business in the Westwood Mall is Outer Limits Fun Zone, which features laser tag, mini-golf, bowling, a play place, and an arcade. This is a popular and fun spot for groups and families to gather for a night of fun. With so many options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The Pine Ridge mall is located in Chubbuck close to Pocatello Square. Some of the businesses in the Pine Ridge mall include Zumiez, Hobby Lobby, Downeast, and more. There’s also plenty of options for where to eat, like Panera Bread, Red Lobster, and Red Robin.

If you’re in need of some retail therapy, take a trip to Pocatello.

Portneuf Wellness Complex

The Portneuf Wellness Complex is a large area designated to improve the health of residents in southeast Idaho… and what better way to improve health than by getting outside? If you need some extra motivation to get outside and play, the Portneuf Wellness Complex is it.

The complex includes an outdoor amphitheater, pavilions for picnic gatherings, two full-sized basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, large grass fields, and a fishing/swimming lake. There are often outdoor concerts at the amphitheater and groups enjoying themselves at the pavilions. This is an area for all to come and play. In the summer, the beach and lake area is the most popular, with families laid out and enjoying the sun, splashing on the beach, and swimming. Many people bring or rent paddleboards to experience as well.

Focus on your physical and mental health by enjoying the facilities at the Portneuf Wellness Center.

The Museum of Clean

The Museum of Clean is a great place to visit with a group, your family, or by yourself! The museum is more than just a history of vacuum cleaners, it’s the history of how cleanliness has affected life through the ages. During your tour of the Museum of Clean, you’ll see an orchestra, a garden, a library, a city, and an art gallery. Each of these exhibits boasts cleanliness and invigorates visitors to be clean.

Cleanliness is not just about scrubbing dishes and dusting though, which is why the Museum of Clean focuses on cleanliness in health, water, floors, teeth, art, politics, and more. If you want to motivate your kids to clean their rooms, watch their language, and have better hygiene, take them to the Museum of Clean.

Zoo Idaho

The zoo in Pocatello is different from the larger zoos you may be used to, which is one reason it’s called “Zoo Idaho,” because it only features animals you might find in the Idaho wilderness. The name is properly given for the regional animals housed in the zoo that were orphaned or injured and who would not have survived in the wild. Now, they live safely in captivity, and visitors can learn more about each species.

Some of the animals in exhibits at the zoo are bears, bison, deer, elk, cougars, coyotes, eagles, and owls. The two grizzly bears are especially exciting for zoo visitors. Wildlife sightings are becoming more scarce in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park areas, so people who don’t get the chance to experience much wildlife are encouraged to see Zoo Idaho. Locals are also encouraged to visit and participate in the educational programs that Zoo Idaho offers, like day classes and summer camps. If you want to experience the wild side of Idaho, visit Zoo Idaho!

Ross Park Aquatic Complex

In the heat of the summer, nothing beats a dip in the pool. If you are trying to escape the heat and feel some relief, visit The Ross Park Aquatic Complex. Not only will the pools at the complex help you cool off, but they’ll also help you have fun! This outdoor complex was designed to provide a positive recreation experience for locals and visitors in Pocatello, and it has done just that.

Each summer people enjoy the main pool, an activity pool with fun, wobbling lily pads, a lazy river, a zero-depth pool with a playground, and a large water slide. The Ross Park Aquatic Complex has an open deck to spread out on and a concession stand, giving you just about everything you need to spend an entire day at the pool. Just remember to bring and wear sunscreen!

City Creek Hiking Trails

The City Creek trails are very popular for guests and residents alike. If you are worried the popular trail will mean more people, don’t worry. While there may be more people, the hike is still worth doing; after all, it’s popular for a reason.

The lower city creek trail is a simple, well-shaded hike and follows the creek up about a mile into the hills of Pocatello. The lower trail is quite short, so if you want to keep going, you can follow the Upper City Creek trail. The Upper City Creek trail will take you up higher and give you a better view of the city. Take out your phone or camera for a quick shot of the view and a selfie of you enjoying it!

The City Creek trails are open for hiking, biking, or taking your dog for walks.

Old Town Pocatello

Old Town Pocatello has a modern yet old-timey feel as modern art displays are mixed with history. This area of Pocatello is filled to the brim with so much quirky charm, you won’t be able to resist admiring the art and architecture.

In the Old Town Pocatello area, you’ll find antique stores, bookshops, cafes, and art galleries in the spaces of old buildings featured on the National Historic Registry. Some buildings date back as far as 1892. Stop in one of these shops to see how people have adapted to the old buildings

Old Town Pocatello celebrates itself with outdoor summer concerts, art walks, haunted history tours, and a Farmer’s market in the spring through the fall! The streets of Old Town are filled with fun for everyone. Experience Pocatello’s charm for yourself during your visit!

Pocatello Regional Transit Center

During the summer of 2020, the Pocatello Regional Transit Center (PRT) is encouraging kids under 18 to get out and enjoy the top spots of Pocatello. PRT has expanded its “Summer Youth Pass” program so kids can ride fixed routes for free. The fixed routes serve the Pocatello and Chubbuck areas and will allow youth to become more independent and involved in their community. It also allows kids to save money and recognize their available resources. Some of these routes pass right by the popular spots in Pocatello. If you are a local, visit the PRT website for more information about the Summer Youth Pass program.


Pocatello has the old-town charm, the adventurous spirit, and the hometown-feel that locals love. Be sure to experience it all during your next visit!


(Photos were taken from the featured places' public websites and Facebook profiles)

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